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Yoga in Therapy Trainings


Asia a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in the state of Maryland as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the District of Columbia and Virginia. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she studied Clinical Mental Health Counseling, while also completing additional coursework in Dance/Movement Therapy through the Harkness Dance Center in New York City. Asia is a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist and an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher. 


Asia has worked as a clinician in a variety of settings. In session, she offers various mindfulness and mind-body connection exercises, as a way to strengthen her clients relationship with themselves. Asia is passionate about movement and uses both dance therapy and yoga as tools to support her client’s journey to mental wellness. She believes in the power of movement as a way to befriend the body and find emotional healing. Asia wholeheartedly believes that true restoration is absolutely possible.

Why yoga in therapy?
Utilizing elements of yoga in therapy sessions can empower your clients to heal their emotional wounds, highlight their internal resources and reinforce a strong sense of self.
What will the therapists at my practice learn in this training?
Your therapists will learn what yoga is, what yoga is not and the foundational theory of the practice. Additionally, clinicians will learn how to guide clients through mindful movement, breathing techniques and mental centering practices.
What is the format of the training?
This professional development training can be provided in a variety of formats, so reach out to confirm that format that will work best for your group. 
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